Learning to play an instrument can improve long term memory in older people and lead to better brain development in the young. Playing an instrument can largely affect your mood, for example it can make people feel happier and also aid mental illnesses like depression and anxiety as well. That’s why initiatives like Learn to Play Day are so important.

Learn to Play gives people the opportunity to take part in FREE taster sessions on a musical instrument. These sessions will be held in various locations from schools to music shops to venues. The whole event is about giving people a better insight of how to play a musical instrument and to possibly find a new passion. As well as taster lessons, there are also workshops, performances and celebrity appearances in certain locations.

Learn to Play is the flagship event of the charity Music for All in partnership with the Musicians’ Union, Arts Council England’s ‘Take It Away’ scheme and Making Music. The main aim of Learn to Play Day is to spread positivity and inspire people, regardless of their age, background or level of experience to appreciate the benefits of learning a musical instrument.